Routine Teeth Cleaning Houston TX


Woman receiving teeth cleaning

A dental prophylaxis (“basic cleaning”) is a cleaning treatment performed to thoroughly clean the teeth and gums. Prophylaxis is an important dental treatment for maintaining a healthy smile.

Even when you brush and floss faithfully after every meal, tartar and plaque can build up on your teeth, particularly along gums, between teeth, and in other hard-to-reach places. Whether you are primarily concerned with simply getting your teeth cleaned or looking at a tooth that may have a cavity,  Dr. Wender is committed to the whole picture examination. Your appointment, usually will consist of a complex medical history, and blood pressure screening, followed by an oral examination, head and neck cancer screening, screening for gum disease, and all necessary x-rays to then examine every tooth, look for cavities, weak spots, and failing previous restorations, that may require care.

Once the exam is completed Dr. Wender and your hygienist will carefully diagnose the type of cleaning that your gums require and will make a personalized treatment plan for you for maintaining and/or improving your gum health.

A prophylaxis would consist of:

  • The removal of tartar (also referred to as calculus) and plaque buildup, both above and below the gum line. Unfortunately, even with a proper home brushing and flossing routine, it can be impossible to remove all debris, bacteria and deposits from gum pockets. The experienced eye of a dentist or hygienist using specialized dental equipment is necessary to catch potentially damaging buildup.
  • Removal of stain. Stained and yellowed teeth can dramatically decrease the esthetics of a smile. Prophylaxis is an effective treatment in ridding the teeth of these unsightly stains.

Halitosis (“bad breath”) is generally indicative of advancing periodontal disease. A combination of rotting food particles (possibly below the gum line) and potential gangrene stemming from gum infection, results in bad breath. The routine removal of plaque, calculus and bacteria by your hygienist can noticeably improve halitosis and reduce infection.

There are many stages of gum disease, each of which requires a different treatment approach. Not everyone needs just a basic “cleaning”.